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Garage Door Openers Wellington

Minnoch Services can repair or install a new garage opener within 24 hours of competitive trade rates.

Below is number of questions that we get asked about our garage door opener services.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only sell one brand of door opener?
No.  We can sell most brands.  We do advise on the best auto opener for different types of garage door and the situation it is to be used for.

How many remotes come with the auto opener system?
Most autos come with two remotes and a wall switch.  However we can supply extra remotes if requested.

Can we fit a new motor on an old door?
Yes.  In most cases we can retrofit a new motor to an old door subject to inspection of the door condition.

If the power fails can I open the door from the outside?
Yes.  We can install an emergency key disconnect switch.

Is there any other way to open the door without remote controls?
Yes.  We can instal an electric key switch on every door keypad.
This keeps kids from being locked out.  
Ideal for cyclists or joggers and convenient for yard and garden work.  
Our consultants can advise the best options.  

Are you available on weekends and holidays?  

Can you repair faulty auto openers and do you stock spare remotes and parts?
Yes.  If the parts are available then we stock it.  

Do you have warranties on the autos?
Yes.  Different brands have different warranties.  

Do you have competitive prices?
Yes.  Try us for an unconditional free quote.

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